Tatsuya Abe, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Name in Japanese:
STAIR Lab, Chiba Institute of Technology, 275-0016, Japan.
The unique normal form of (λz((λy((λx(xbyz@szxir.cynzyr))a))e))t
Professional Memberships:
ACM Professional Member and IPSJ Member
at SC12 in Salt Lake City

Research Interests

Referred Papers


  1. Split of Classical Logic: splits classical logic into intuitionistic and paraconsistent logics.
  2. Kripke and Meta-Logical Completeness via Curry-Howard Isomorphism: provides an alternative proof of Kripke and meta-logical completeness of intuitionistic modal logic using Curry-Howard isomorphism.


  1. McSPIN: a model checker with memory consistency models.
  2. Calfwoid: an Android interface of diary in Emacs toward Calfw.
  3. Patch: enables Promela-mode to run on Emacs 24.3.
  4. XMP-mode: Emacs major mode for editing XcalableMP programs.
  5. Xtract: enables us to extract strings by designating columns, ranges, Perl's statements and scripts.
  6. Xcrypt: a job-level parallel scripting language that helps automating Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycles.


  1. Kyoto University ACCMS Collaborative Research Program for Young Scientists ¥100,000 April 2016--March 2017, Principal Investigator.
  2. JSPS KAKENHI 16K21335 Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) ¥4,160,000 April 2016--March 2019, Principal Investigator.
  3. JSPS KAKENHI 25871113 Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) ¥4,290,000 April 2013--March 2017, Principal Investigator.